Building the Community Through Grain

Barrio Bread

Don Guerra, owner of Barrio Bread, understands the importance of locally grown food. Baker extraordinaire (named one of the top 10 bakers in America by Dessert Professional magazine in 2016), Don is always finding new ways to use BKW grains — White Sonora, Khorasan, Hard Red, and Durum — in his amazing hand-crafted breads.

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Dragoon Brewing Company

More than a dozen craft breweries in Arizona and New Mexico use BKW’s White Sonora wheat. Dragoon Brewing Company was BKW’s first customer and continues to be one of the largest purchasers of our grain. Their ever- popular Ojo Blanco and Half Moon beers showcase the versatility of White Sonora Wheat.

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San Xavier O’odham Cooperative Farm

When Bing K. Wong Sr. began farming in 1939, he invited people from the San Xavier O’odham community to work and live at his farm in Marana, Arizona. Over the years, the Wong family and the San Xavier people have become friends and respected colleagues.

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